Protan Clean Water Protection

Protan clean water solution helps in storage and distributing water which is a scarce resource.Our products are customised as per customer needs.

There is a significant need for water in many parts of the world. The level of ground water is decreasing and fresh water is becoming more difficult to obtain. The use of fresh water has increased dramatically as a result of a general economic development.

In the Protan Clean Water Protection portfolio, we deliver products and solutions for storage and distribution of fresh water in a simple, environmentally-friendly way. We have many years of experience and our products are durable and long lasting. Storing fresh water requires a high hygienic standard and all of our storage units are produced in drinking-water approved PVC quality. 

We tailor your solutions for storage and transport of water.
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Storage of water

Our products and systems for storing water provide many possibilities for storage when there is little access to fresh water. The products are mobile; they are easy to transport and easy to set up and take down. Our water storage solutions are well suited for humanitarian work, villages with limited access to water, war-torn areas or for various tourism-related purposes.