Protan Flood Protection

Protan Flood Protection is a mobile system for flood protection developed by Protan. Mobile flood protection is an alternative to traditional flood protection with sand bags, etc.

"Traditional flood protection is expensive while at the same time society needs good solutions that minimise the serious damages associated with flooding. We believe that Protan Flood Protection, which has already been used in parts of Europe, is such a solution," says Protan CEO Erik Øyno.

Traditionally, flood protection requires a lot of resources to establish and has no reusable value. With Protan Flood Protection, you can establish flood protection of more than 100 metre with few resources and in just two hours. All that is required is a car, a pump and at least four people.

The flood protection embankments are made in 10-metre sections and can be re-used. The length of the modules can also be adjusted as required by arrangement. It takes approx. 20 minutes to install a module and connecting the modules is both easy and safe.

The modules for Protan Flood Protection are high-frequency welded and made of a durable PVC material. The modules have an effective dam height of approx. 70 cm and a capacity of 9,400 liters.

Technical data for Protan Flood Protection:

  • Height of the water barriers: up to 0.7 m
  • Length 10 m (module)
  • Capacity: 9,400 L
  • Weight without water: 65 KG
  • Time to fill: 20 minutes (depending on water pressure)
  • Size when storing: 0.7 m3/10 m
  • PVC material 900 g/m2.

Protan Flood & Water Solutions

Floods and scarcity of water can be a great challenge to counter.Protan Flood and water solutions are for all water related worries.