Protan ProBag Alpine

Protan ProBag is an air-filled landing bag for snowboard, skiing, bicycling, etc. Today, it is mainly used at ski resorts and ski centres.


Protan ProBag Alpine is made of a durable and robust PVC membrane which has a long life. The bag is high-frequency welded in order to withstand moisture, as opposed to bags with seams.

Protan ProBag Alpine is based on the same two-chamber system as other types of airbags, but we have optimised the air channels and air flow in the bag so that only one fan is needed to fill both chambers with air. An air pressure of 550-750 Pa on the bottom part of the bag and 20-50 Pa has proved to be optimal for operation and functionality. Equipment for measuring air pressure is included in the package.

Protan ProBag Alpine is delivered in packages that are ready for use:

  • One bag with two chambers
  • One top cover
  • 1 Protan ProBag Alpine complete with a top and side cover
  • A logo printed on both side covers
  • 2x 1100 kW fans (an extra spare fan)
  • Equipment for measuring air pressure
  • Fastening equipment
  • Installation and training in the whole system
  • Training in maintaining the PVC membrane